Beach House – Wishes

A video Eric directed for Beach House



rapaz groupJune 10, 2009dammi rap song i mean hip hop song yo yo yo pravu this is the rapaz groupand the remix featuring prashanta do u kno yo yoहिंड्दै थिए म आफ्नै बाटोमाथिएन मलाई वास्ता कसैकोरमाउदैं थिए म मेरै स्वार्थमाबुझ्न खोजिन मैले तपाईंको प्रेमthis time m regreting coz i left uu r really great ya aaa yooo yoo godआफ्नो मनलाई रुवाएरकिन मलाई जान दिनु भोछाती आफ्नो दुखाएरटाढा मलाई किन पठाउनु भोu r only the light u do so well thing for us and died for usyo yo yo godयाद आएन मलाई तपाईंकोजब थिए म मेरै संसारमासम्झिए मैले तपाईंको प्रेमजब पाईंन यहाँ मैले साहाराu make me so good and kept in uor lap to hideu r my everything and u r my godyuoyoyoyo godथाहा थिएन समय फर्किन्छ भनेरतर फर्किंदो रहेछ तपाईंको समयब्याकुल भई फर्की आउँदाखुशीले भरिदों रहेछ तपाईंको हृदयfinally i thank u to b with me and choosing me m waiting for that great day which will b the great day 4 meyoo yoo yoo god car insurance free online quotes


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Katie Ernst

Magnificent! Couldn’t help but think of Twin Peaks..

Eric McKenzie

Wow. Spooky and beautiful. WHY ISN’T THIS ON THE MAIN PAGE? Don’t hide this gem away in the ‘more videos’ part :(

Peter Akeley

Beautiful. If only there had been time to arouse that hose for the final shot.

Terry Craig

Is this part of JASH? If so, I am immensily looking forward to whatever you’ll put out next. This video is awesome.


this video is so style!


Me like

Secundis Trout

Mr. Palmer subliminal advertising his my killzone

Evan Moody

Eric you are the shit. A goddess. Let us lick each other all over.


Good Beach House pick.

Eric Wareheim

Thanks Everyone.

Hundred Eyes

That was wonderful. Thank you.

Christ Haigis

All is nothing but one word: splendiferous!

Rocky Diben

I am constantly surprised and extremely pleased at the direction you take things. This was one of my favorites to date.
I need to find out how to get a meet and greet. Lol.

Michael Will

This video is amazing. It has been a complete honor being your father and watching you grow from the fetus stage.

Russ Vick

The Lynch-ian influence runs deep in both the music and the video. Even thought I was hearing Julie Cruise for a sec.

Truly fantastic perspective here! Eric, you’re a mad genius and it’s been a pleasure both working for you and watching you mature throughout the years! Keep up the fantastic work!

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