Craig Cuts His Own Hair

Craig tries to cut his own hair.



Wow, thank you so much for sharing, Steph! I keep wrioednng where you find all these beautiful things in life! I adore the art of gift wrapping, so I definitely need to check this out without trying to feel like a copycat for finding almost all your ideas shared here brilliant… :)


Fascinated by your story and your art which I discovered via snmeooe with whom I work on a website called Beyond Calligraphy and the article in The Japan Times on October 13th. We will continue to follow your progress, Dave Gosine from Tokyo and me, currently in Boston but back and forth to Japan. Welcome to The Big Apple, all good wishes for your continued journey. May your unique creativity find angels to float your makimono project. [url=]bbfeludsud[/url] [link=]gjxnfu[/link]


Hey Kaushal, Thanks for posting! Would deteinfily continue watching your tutorials What I especially liked about it was that it was reasonably well lighted & you filmed in HD, that you also had regular drugstore brands (not just high-end ones!) and that you sped up some bits to shorten the vid. I really like how you don’t over do things the nude lips with the smoked eyes looks fab

Robert A

Great tips Craig! Now I can go to school with half an ear.

Also… Jimmy Fallon brought me here.

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