Sarah Is NOT not a Racist

Sarah Silverman takes a trip to the thrift store.



i thought it was entertaining….and even though Jimmy had 2 black ppl in the audience they all rocked that BIZ MARKIE….i still think that some of the comments were reading into too much and not accpeting it as entertainment. who cares who or what he dates…apparently u all watched the video feeling some kinda way….but it always leads to race that white man can date whomever he wants in addition to that he started off singing country on Star Search before the Mickey Mouse Club…(u can close ur mouths now). and who cares who is friends with or why he chooses who he chooses to record with i dont think he has had a wack CD and FYI when NSYNC did their version of THATS THE WAY LOVE GOES…it probably would have been a platinum single and Janet Jackson doesnt sell anymore and she has always been an exhibitionist so in the end JT and JJ got what they both wanted, he copped a feel and she showed her pierced nipple…remember the Magazine Cover right? (okay, close ur mouths again). peace out. insurance auto quotes


I totally take both seaucs too. But I should comment that all the normal BBQ stuff depends on where you are! Pulled pork may be the North Carolina thing but it’s definitely brisket if you’re in Texas. And isn’t Nevada closer to Texas? Hm


tasted creamy and woedfrnul. Afterwards, the bones were tossed into a stock pot and used to make beef stock.a0I used a butter knife to remove the

Jody Robbins

OMG funny.. So glad caught Fallon. Only seen tht one & hurt my stomach laughing!! Loved your old show too! & your Sis onnNurse Jackie has scared me frm ever ever going to Rehap!!! :)


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Michael Fern

Even so, I still love you.

Michael Fern

Yes, I do believe you may be my mother. The paternity test will make it official. And it does hurt when you tell me, probably, you’re only son, to go fuck myself. Shame on you mom!

randy schuck

Wow Sara your funny as hell you couldnt sit still on the fallon show last nite they got some good coke back stage on the fallon show

randy schuck

Wow Sara your funny as hell you couldnt sit still on the fallon show last nite the got some good stuff back stage on fallon show


Very quick and funny. Great job Sarah. I would have been unaware of this site had I not seen you last night on Jimmy Fallon’s Show!

Outman Hershenphesser

Never leave your socks on the floor when bitches are near by. They just chew them all up. -Nietzsche


blahahaha i love sarah shes such a jew


Thanks Sarah!! This cracked me up hard! Short and simple, keep it up!

Stan Theman

More reality comedy like Sara’s will bring US all together, rather than divide US!

Love it!

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