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Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brlliiant posts.


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bash garret

When can you create videos for sport fans?

jason hellmueller

hey sarah how old is that dog?you look to hot getting out of that car.


everyone is being so themselves right now!

J Ash

Sarah has been my favorite comedian since the first time I saw her (sorry Louis, but you’ll always be my number two!) Jash is great! Looking forward to a regular supply of silly, strange, dark, and twisted comedy.


Sarah Silverman rocks

Nigger Cocks



thumbs up!:)!


I love everyone!


This is a funky place.

mix starr

when are you going to start posting new videos
can’t wait
good job


Piss cup were rockin, but I think Complete would’ve been more rad. man


Thanks for loving Devour.com so much.

Daveotis Munkmayer

Oh my. Michael Cera’s intro is amazing. Pure fucking amazing. HAHA!


Wowo! What a crew of characters! Cant wait for more Jishs!

Al-El Hadenstir

Wow! Who else just got a wicked Jash Rash?!


Wow, this is so wonderful! It’s so great to see people with such initiative produce amazing content for us “common folk” hehe. Anyways, may God be with you all and don’t forget to praise the holy blood of the great one, Jesus H. Christ.

Jacob Hitsman

Also I have to add that this name “Jash” is tripping me out. Might not seem relevant to you all but it sure as shit in-a-turd does to me. Josh is my biggest (oldest) brother who introduced me to these strange people called Tim and Eric way back in 2007. He knew I would like them as much as he did. Of course I liked them. But when I watched them on those things that make you gag when you eat them, called “Magic Mushrooms,” in 2008 I finally opened all of my eyes in my brain to what they are all about…even more so than my big bra. I won’t get into it right now because I am trying to prove a point…his name is Josh and my name is Jake..JASH!.

You guy’s are all going to be greatness.

Jacob Hitsman

Wow. This is groundbreaking. I mentioned this fact earlier this morning to my Probation Officer to get rid of all of these videos so there won’t be any more Conspiracy Video’s to brainwash my mind. Next time I see him I am DaFinatly going to tell him about Jash. I know he will be an instant subscriber.


My attention is, admittedly, divided… but you have all of the portion I have allocated to you. -Brett, http://SpiritualAnimal.com


I dont know guysI already built a first Jash in my basement. I also shoot Jishes there? Kind of cool?


Where can I buy Jash so that others know I am better than they could ever dream of being? Does is come in fresh?


Good for you guys, raising the bar for everyone.


Finally, Obama’s socialist agenda has produced something worthwhile. When is Piss Cup coming to Philly?

Desmond Tutu

Wow, nice boobies!

I love GASH

Internets is are fresh one again. Finlay. Thanks RASH.

Internet Samurai

… I don’t mind Jash, but I will be INCREDIBLY pissed off if they go through with the whole deleting all videos thing, but considering how that whole bit was played tongue-in-cheek, I doubt they will. I could be very wrong, though.


I feel fresh and excited to be part of the JASH experience!

Bryan Schauer

Their not Jashing, this is like totally You-Tubular!



Charlize Heen

We’re better off without all those dumb old videos. I’d rather get a fresh (kick)start with JASH. ;)

Dickford U. Hatenberg

Just another example of hollywood liberals corrupting America’s vulnerable heterosexual white male youths. Surely, there must be more wholesome ways of getting increasing the Mountain Dew content America’s elementary school children? #FREEMARKETKIDSFOREVER

Fizzee D

Resistance is futile.


Piss cup forever!

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