A lady wants a loan from the bank.



My daughter, Cindy (21) has had spinal Astrocytoma since 8 y/o. Today we had an MRI of her brain to see if the tumor has moved to her head. I saw a couple of images and they just don’t look right. We will find out Sunday afternoon the results. The whole process has been different than all the scans over the past 13 years. We usually go to the neuro and she would schedule the next scan and we would get results 6 months later at her next appt. We showed her the bulge on Cindy’s head, the scan was scheduled and the neuro will meet us at her office Sunday pm. Also, at scan the tech is usually working on the images to finalize them and I see maybe 10-15 images. When he realized I was watching while Cindy got dressed he stopped bringing up any images and only worked with file names like he planned to look at later. After Sunday we will know more of what lays ahead for her. By the way we are from Mississippi. car insurance cheap


Haha, yeah a water dispenser is a much better idea than lots of cup holders!I read an article many years ago that predicted that young people's use of digital technology—especially texting and video game controllers—would lead to more developed thumbs which, in time, could lead to evolutionary change. I kind of doubt that last part—technology will move on from such things within a decade. Spelling, on the other hand, is a problem NOW!The thing about HD TV signals is that people need HD TVs in order to see the HD picture (and trust me, it's sooooo worth it!), but there will almost certainly be converters available to allow older TVs to convert HD to standard display, in much the same way that there are converters to change digital signals to the analogue signals old TVs need.The speed of technological change doesn't worry me by itself, but I do worry that we're not adapting to the technology and spend too much time trying to be anonymous (and too many people too often are mean and nasty).Personally, I love technology, and keeping up with what's new is a passion of mine. But people (especially those in power) felt threatened by Gutenberg's press, though it turned out to be a great thing. Technology itself isn't "good" or "bad", but what it's used for can be. I have absolute faith that technology will enable us all to do great things.By the way, it's illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone in a car in New Zealand for any purpose (speaking or texting). This includes when a car is stopped at a traffic light. The police are about to launch a major blitz on this, which I think is a great idea. the best and cheap car insurance


Third Flower My wife and i are already now dehtilged that Albert could carry out his scientific studies as a consequence of the thoughts he had as a result of your web page. It can be now and again perplexing to only constantly be freely giving methods which many p


I feel like you’d know this, how much vanilla extarct should I add to this? I really wanna make these, but vanilla beans are impossible to find. I realize without the bean these scones will be more like plain scones, but still I’m wondering how much extarct should I use to imitate the taste?


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