Window Washer

A short Fatal Farm made.



- I literally just read the article and then googled your name. I know EXACTLY what you mean as my wife walked out on me January 2008. Like you I was devastated and felt so alone. I’d never planned to get married, then when it suddenly became legal I thought it would be for the rest of my life. When it ended I blamed myself, even though it was her choice. She left 6 months after the wedding.Unlike you though I wasn’t the only one. Quite a few of us were breaking up around the same time. Some from 7-8 year relationships, some much less. It’s the lesbian domino effect, once one relationship falls, you can stand back and watch the rest. There is only one couple in my immediate friendship group who stayed married and a few more in my extended.It gets better though, I’m now remarried and my friend who supported me through the break up (and I supported her as her marriage had ended 6 months earlier) is 6 months pregnant with her new girlfriend. Once you stop grieving you’ll realise that she probably did you a favour.Hold strong xx prednisone online


That’s a good point about not being able to maximise the puticres. The app resizes them too, as when they appear in iPhoto they measure 612 612 or similar, rather than the expected fullsize iPhone versions. Perhaps they’ll add such a feature in the future they’re still pretty young!


Γεια σου Laura, thanks so much for the repice. I made four batches last night. It was so easy and smelled awesome. I used vanilla bean paste. I also drizzled chocolate on top. I’m giving it away as gifts for my daughter’s NICU nurses




I love Fatal Farm! Nice to see you on the Jash network.

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